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Mägi, M. (2020). Before the hill fort of Valjala was built. Landing places and graves along the Lõve River in Saaremaa. Arheoloogilised välitööd Eestis = Archeological fieldwork in Estonia, 2019, 69−78.

Read the article: here.

Luik, H.; Maldre, L. (2020). Animal Bones and Bone Artefacts from the Viking Age Site of Tornimäe in Saaremaa. Archaeologia Lituana, 21, 41−58. DOI: 10.15388/ArchLit.2019.21.3.

Read the article: here.

Püüa, G. (2020). Buildings archaeological surveys at Maasi Castle on North-East Saaremaa. Archaeological Fieldwork in Estonia, 163−176.

Read the article: here.

Mägi, M. (2020). Political Centres or Nodal Points in Trade Networks? Estonian Hillforts Before and After the Thirteenth-century Conquest. In: Mänd, A. & Tamm, M. (Ed.). Making Livonia: Actors and Networks in the Medieval and Early Modern Baltic Sea Region (48−69). Routledge/Taylor & Francis.

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Price, D. T.; Peets, J.; Allmäe, R.; Maldre, L.; Price, N. (2020). Human remains, context, and place of origin for the Salme, Estonia, boat burials. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, 58. DOI: 10.1016/j.jaa.2020.101149.

Read the article: here.

Luik, H.; Peets, J.; Ljungkvist, J.; Maldre, L.; Maldre, R.; Allmäe, R.; Muñoz-Rodríguez, M.; McGrath, K.; Speller, C.; Ashby, S. (2020). Antler combs from Salme ship burials: find context, origin, dating and manufacture. Estonian Journal of Archaeology, 24 (1), 3−44. DOI: 10.3176/arch.2020.1.01.

Read the article: here.

Mägi, M. (2014, 2020). The Burial- and Cult Site of Saunamäe. Report on the Excavations of 2012-2014. (EST: Saunamäe kalme ja kultuskoht. Kaevamiste aruanne 2012-2014.) Tallinn University. Copenhagen-Tallinn. 

Read the report (EST): here

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